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Innovative Green Energy Projects

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The Problem

Human disposal patterns have created a worldwide waste stream problem, including the harmful emissions that they produce, the contamination of water aquifers, and the inefficient utilization of scarce land resources. Technologies have been developed, proven and tested, to profitably and efficiently manage this environmental issue.

Atlas Global Holdings, LLC is focused on creating net zero emission plants, installing tested, proven, and bankable technologies that fulfill all environmental requirements. 

The Solution

Atlas Global Holdings, LLC has cultivated relationships with the most proven and efficient companies in the renewable energy space, including EPCs, O&M providers, renewable energy credits, environmental reporting agencies, project finance and technology companies. Our projects are a joint effort between world-class organizations providing the entire value system for renewable energy projects. Atlas Global Holdings, LLC holds many representation agreements with properly tested and financed technologies. Atlas Global Holdings, LLC provides public entities and private promoters the opportunity to:

• Analyze the best technologies to maximize profits given the quality and the quantity of the waste to be treated

• Due-diligence and economic analysis

• Develop the optimal plant design with the best technology for the existing waste stream

• Direction and supervision of projects

• Secure financing for the project